Create A Passion Project &

Make Your Application STAND OUT!


The college acceptance rates for the class of 2028, demonstrate that the competition for college admissions is intensifying. Improve your chances of acceptance with a passion project to differentiate yourself from your peers. 

Passion projects now play a central role in college applications, showcasing a student’s drive, innovation, and dedication. Yet, to truly distinguish yourself, your project must address a genuine need that fits authentically into who they are as a person.

You may be wondering, what is a passion project? A passion project is essentially an elaborate way of describing a self-directed extracurricular endeavor. In simpler terms, it’s an activity pursued outside of the typical school or classroom setting, often free from any institutional influence.

We can help your student create a project that showcases their strengths and ability to lead by exploring your student’s interests, talents, and values.

  • Detailed information on schools that best match your preferences including what each school is looking for when admitting students.
  • College comparison worksheet to help students visually compare the pros and cons of each school they are considering.
  • Campus visit guide and scorecard to record and rank schools during in-person and virtual tours of the school.
  • Identify the student’s areas of interest and passion.
  • Assess the student’s strengths and talents.
  • Propose project options that align with the student’s personal values and goals.
  • Collaborate with the student to select passion project.
  • Provide a comprehensive project blueprint for the student to execute.


  • Each of the “Build the Plan” deliverables,
  • Strategic Task Breakdown: We’ll help them dissect the project into actionable steps for smooth progress.
  • Progress Monitoring: Keep track of their progress and help them stay on track with deadlines.
  • Networking and Outreach: Act as a liaison to connect with relevant individuals or organizations.
  • Tech Assistance: Ensure they have the necessary tools and troubleshoot any technical issues.
  • Project Guidance: Offer advice and direction throughout the project.

NOTE: 3rd party costs are not included within our service fee. For example, if the student’s project involves writing a book, we will not cover printing, shipping, or any other 3rd party costs.