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What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

An independent college consultant is not affiliated or associated with a school or organization but instead, works within their own business or agency. Unlike college counselors that have mandatory caseloads that easily exceed a couple of hundred students, independent college consultants work on all things related to the college admission process. We have the luxury of focusing on working with students on the college admission process

How do I decide whether the membership or the one-on-one is best for me?

Club Journey has everything a student needs to prepare and go through the  college application process. However, some students prefer one-to-one coaching for  more individualized attention to their particular situation.

When is the best time to start using your college preparation services?

We recommend that rising 9th graders start prepping for college to help build a strong application down the road. However, Coach Carol has also helped students navigate the process during their senior year of high school.

Can seniors still benefit from your services?

Absolutely. The roadmaps inside of Club Journey helps the student identify where they are on their individual journey. Of course, when it comes to prep work like high school course choices and extra-curricular, the earlier the better.

Do you assist with financial aid?

We help with many aspects of garnering financial aid with the exception of completing aid packages for you. Families will learn about the different types of aid that are available along with how to check their eligibility.

Can you guarantee admission to college?

Coach Carol does not guarantee admission to college. No one can make that type of guarantee, however, every student that we have helped has been admitted to college.

Do you help us organize the loads of information we receive?

Yes! And the great news is that we have done most of the foundational work students need to organize the long list of tasks that can sometimes become overwhelming.

Invite Coach Carol to Speak to Your Group or Organization

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Coach Carol shares her college prep and admissions insights with various groups.

Are you seeking to empower students and parents within your organization with the essential tools and insights necessary to navigate the college admissions process effectively?  Coach Carol is dedicated to customizing her materials to provide the most pertinent and beneficial information for your group. Simply fill out the form below to explore how we can support your college preparation efforts further.

Here are just a handful of groups that can benefit from Coach Carol’s college workshops:

  • Neighborhood associations
  • Scout troops
  • Sports teams
  • Church groups
  • School & Community Clubs
  • And many more…

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