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This is YOUR Journey

We understand that every student is different. You may be a straight-A student with lots of extracurricular activities and community service or a struggling student with a compelling story to tell, Coach Carol can assist you in finding and applying to colleges or post-secondary programs that will meet your individual interests and needs while also being a good financial fit for your situation.

The process of college selection, application, and admissions does not have to be overwhelming.

Coach Carol helps students navigate the college admission process with practical guidance on topics such as pre-college planning, major selection, college selection, application completion, and locating financial aid and scholarship opportunities.


“Coach Carol helps students tell their story and shine in the college application process.”

Throughout the college application process, Coach Carol seeks to assist students to discover their strengths, abilities, and interests. With well-designed mentoring, the student will gain confidence, capability, and independence on their path to college and a future of success.

Your Path. Your roadmap.

Gain a competitive edge in the college admission process

College admissions are constantly evolving and changing. The application process for college is vastly different from what parents went through in the past. The expectations of colleges and their admissions requirements continue to evolve to engage students eager to learn and prepare for our changing world.


Coaching begins with Coach Carol speaking to the student to determine the student’s needs and goals before creating a customized plan that best suits your student. 


Club Journey is community coaching that helps students navigate their journey to becoming who they dream of by providing the resources needed, coupled with a roadmap to follow.

What You Can Expect

Working with Coach Carol