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High School Journey Map



Don’t Have Regrets! Plan a High School Schedule that Prepares You for College Admissions.

Navigating high school classes that will be most beneficial to a student’s goal requires a strategic not formulaic approach. Think about it, if every student’s path is different, why are they often placed on the same time trajectory and class schedule as every other student? Scheduling classes that will impact a student’s future should not be a one size fits all or standardized methodology.

Our Journey Map provides a tailored schedule plan that not only meets state graduation standards but also aligns with the individual aspirations of the student. By strategically selecting classes and activities, we set students up for success in their chosen paths

Scheduling classes that will impact a student’s future should not be a one size fits all or standardized methodology.

Here’s How to Get Your Journey Map:

Simply register to receive the Journey Map and you will receive a link to complete your Student Journey Information profile. Once completed, submit the profile and Coach Carol will review to ensure no additional information is needed. You will receive an email within 2 days letting you know if additional information is needed or that your customized plan is in development. You will receive your Journey Map in one week.

Let’s Talk It Over….Review your plan and Get your questions answered during a consult call with Coach Carol.

Sign up for a 30-Minute Journey Consultation with Coach Carol:

If your registration included a Journey Consultation, schedule your 30-minute call with Coach Carol using the calendar link that accompanied your Journey Map. Our experience shows that your consultation call is most beneficial after your student has reviewed their Journey Map’s current year plan with their school counselor. You have a period of three months to utilize your Journey Consultation call.

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