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Not Sure Where to Start? Take a Peek at the Most Downloaded Resources Inside my Private Coaching Membership, Club Journey!

It’s never too soon to start doing the tasks that make you a better applicant for college. Grab this bundle containing checklists, templates, and downloads designed to keep your student on track.

You’ll gain immediate access to the following tools:

  • College Application Checklist
  • 17 Ways to Show Demonstrated Interest
  • College Visit Checklist
  • How to Get Letters of Recommendations
  • Researching to Build Your College List
  • How to Find Your Best Fit College
  • Using LinkedIn to Help with College Admissions
  • How to Determine Which Schools to Apply for Admissions
  • How to Build Relationships with Your Teachers
  • Enrich your High School Experience with Extracurricular Activities
  • How to Prepare for a College Fair
  • SAT/ACT Test Prep Checklist

Get on track with college planning by downloading our most requested college prep activity and action worksheets and checklists.