She didn’t graduate at the top of her class. In fact, she failed Calculus in her senior year of high school. This is probably why she was denied admission to 18 of the 20 colleges she applied to. But fast-forward 5 years from her high school graduating year, she has earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ivy League institutions. How did she do it?

In this Journey Masterclass

Retrace her journey since high school. Hear the strategies she used to move forward after a disappointing senior year and application season. You will be surprised to learn what she is doing now.

Her Journey will:

  • Encourage students that may have had a hiccup in high school.
  • Inspire students whose paths are different from others.
  • Provide insights that parents should consider (and reconsider).
  • Equip you with information that can help students with their personal journey.
  • Provide an in-depth look at her roadmap of success that worked.

A portion of Journey Masterclass registrations help fund the Journeys to Becoming Scholarship program which provides for students without the resources to purchase the basic essentials needed for college.

These programs can provide opportunities for students to explore their academic interests, develop new skills, build relationships, and gain confidence and independence.