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Preparing for college is not the same as in years past. The process has become more complicated than simply completing an application.  CLUB JOURNEY exists to help students navigate their journey to becoming who they dream of by providing the preparation and resources needed coupled with a roadmap to follow that can HELP STUDENTS GET IN!

A Club Journey Membership helps students stay informed, organized and prepared throughout the college application process.

Club Journey Members Have Access to:


College Prep Roadmaps

There are many moving parts in the college admissions process. Students and parents can often become overwhelmed juggling their day-to-day responsibilities while also ensuring that they are handling the tasks of preparing for college.

Our roadmaps are grade specific and give students detailed action items of tasks that are required as well as activities that are favorable to admission committees.

Resources, Downloads & TEMPLATES

E-Guides, Templates,  & Checklists 

One of the greatest benefits of Club Journey is the convenience it offers. Our checklists, templates, and expert guides provide very succinct insights and direction on how, why, and when to accomplish specific tasks.

This is especially helpful as you navigate the roadmaps. If you still have questions? Send them over to have them answered during the weekly Coach Carol Q&A session.


Access to Coach Carol

Journeys will go here.

Coach Carol goes LIVE and answers questions submitted during the week. This gives every member an opportunity to have their inquiries personally addressed. In instances when questions are more personal, Coach Carol will send an email or video responses directly to the member.

Q&A sessions are recorded and uploaded to the member portal for future reference or to access if a member misses a live session.

Benefits & Privileges

Members Only Perks, Discounts & Coaching Bucks

Preparing for the next journey in a student’s life is serious business, but who says we can’t make it fun? Games, challenges, and contests are held inside the membership club. Students are able to win prizes and earn points for perks like Coaching Bucks for one-on-one time with Coach Carol.

Members are also able to access discounts inside the Coach Carol resource shop.


Prepare to Get In. Join the Club

A Club Journey Membership will Help You…


Assess your personal strengths and interests to  better identify your choice of school and major.

Stay accountable and aware of deadlines in a community that shares resources, and inspiration.

Stay current with the trends and updates of what college admission boards are looking for in applicants.

Gain the knowledge needed to make an informed choice about college, finances, and other considerations.


Navigate your unique journey to college in order to write an application that highlights your strengths.

Successfully make the transition for high school to your new college home with the tools needed for a great start.

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