OOPS! Did Application Time FLY By?


Whether you have been deferred in the early round and want to expand your options or you aiming to enhance your SAT or ACT scores or even your GPA before applying or perhaps you find yourself entering the college application process later than others, if you are still interested in attending a four-year college, the current date shouldn’t deter you from submitting your application.

It’s Not Too Late!”

Although the majority of college application deadlines typically range from November 1 to January 1 of your senior year, numerous reputable institutions extend their application acceptance period into the spring of your senior year and even throughout the summer following high school graduation.

Several distinguished colleges and universities welcome applications in February and beyond.

What’s Inside

In this guide, we have included:

    • A compilation of colleges with application deadlines extending past February 1
    • A list of institutions that could be viable options because of their rolling admissions
    • Links to all the schools to make research quick & easy
    • A school research template that you can use to narrow your choices
    • A printable download calendar of each school’s deadline

It’s essential to note that application deadlines may be subject to change, so if you decide to apply to any of the colleges mentioned, verify the accuracy of the listed deadline with each respective school. We have provide links to take you directly to the school’s admission page to save you time.

This guide offers insights and practical advice to help you make informed decisions about your future. Embrace the diverse opportunities available, and remember, your unique path is yours to define.